Bonnie Coad

The Postal Collage Project

mixed media collage/ digital delivery

The Postal Collage Project began in 2018 as a way to utilize the massive stores of old sewing pattern envelopes that Bonnie had amassed over the years. These where a by product of her Pattern Pet series that she could never bear to part with because she had developed a great fondness for the old pattern illustrations. 

In 2018 Bonnie began to make small quick collages which she would attach to parcels  she was sending in the post and from this humble beginning a whole series of work was developed. The main goal of this series was to create amusing scenes where the people from the sewing pattern envelopes where interacting with *Pattern Pets* 

Bonnie would photograph her collages and upload them to her computer where she would edit the artwork digitally to create the finished piece. The postal Collage Project was exhibited as a body of work for the first time in 2019, currently its almost compleatly sold out and although Bonnie still has ideas for new works and intends to add to this series in the future she is currently busy with other projects.