Bonnie Coad

Pattern Pets

Mixed media collage,

Bonnie Coad's *Pattern Pet* artworks are her longest running series of artworks.

Bonnie has been developing and creating these amusing and unique artworks since 2009 and many pieces are now owned privately both here in New Zealand and also internationally.

 Bonnie describes these artworks as mixed media collage artworks and she is very passionate about the important step of incorporating old sewing patterns onto these artworks. Sewing patterns where once, not that long ago, such an ordinary household item,  and this re-connection to the past interests Bonnie and is a repeating theme within all her work.

Bonnie utilizes all parts of the old sewing patterns in the creation of her art works. The text and pattern lines are used in the body of her work and left over paper is used for creating the handmade and printed collage papers that feature in her works.