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Bonnie Coad

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Bonnie Coad

Visual Artist

Bonnie Coad specializes in mixed media collage and multimedia artworks. She is also  currently developing two new series of work on glass with a enthesis on capturing shadow effects in her work .

She lives in Rural Marlborough and works from her home studio to stock artwork to NZ gallery's and participates in large scale art events and NZ art awards on a regular basis.

She has been actively exhibiting her artworks since 2000 and after being awarded scholarships, completed a Diploma with Honors in Art and Creativity in 2013. 

It was during her art studies that Bonnie settled into working in mixed media collage and within the last five years Bonnie's processes have developed and evolved to include multimedia artworks. Bonnie incorporates old sewing patterns and other vintage and retro printed materials and her own hand made collage papers in her artworks to create her highly original pieces. In her multimedia work she also incorporates photography and digital editing with a digital delivery. Her most recent works, created especially for NZ Art Show 2022 have been focused on working back into her Project,  multimedia artwork in mixed media, utilizing layers of medium to develop depth and 3D effects.

Bonnie has several established large bodies of work.

Pattern Pets - from 2011 to present day.

The Postal Collage Project - from 2018 to present day.

The Covid 19 lockdown Social Distancing Pets Project

The *Get a Head* series - from 2015 to present day.

Rabbit Run - from 2021 to present day.

Bonnie is currently working on new work for exhibitions, gallery's and awards in 2023 and 2024.


Bonnie Coad

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