About Bonnie Coad

  Bonnie Coad is a visual artist practicing chiefly in acrylics/collage.


She comes from an artistic family and was always encouraged to explore her creative side while growing up.
She lived in a very isolated area of the West Coast of NZ when she was young and had no electricity or modern convenience's.
This played a large part in nurturing her creative side.

"My art is all about self expression. I love to experiment with paint application and discover new effects.
I love colour and I love to create colourful textured compositions."
Color and texture are two repeating themes in Bonnie's work.
Her art is active and dynamic. 
"For me art is about getting a reaction. If my art engages people makes them stop to contemplate, if they reach out to touch or return to it for a second look that is the greatest compliment."

Bonnie holds a level six diploma with honours in art and creativity.

Want to learn more about Bonnie? 
Follow this link to read "A colorful sense of Freedom"  an interview with art blogger Ziggy Nixon.


Bonnie is currently working on material for a number of up coming shows in including The 2017 NZ Art show in Wellington and Art Expo Nelson 2017.

If you would like to follow her art practice visit her Facebook art page where you will find regular posts about works in progress and up coming shows.