The Covid 19 Lock Down was a time of worry and concern for artists everywhere. Many faced the cancellation of their upcoming shows and an uncertain future....

With so much on her mind Bonnie found it hard to settle to her normal practice, she needed some thing new and fresh to take her mind off troubling things.... something fun and interactive.. 

Apart from the internet there was only one way to interact with friends and family.... we could still send things through the post!

This is how the *Social Distancing Pets* Postal Collage Project began.

Each of the Social Distancing Pet artworks started life as a small collage creation on a postal envelope, each envelope featured a person cut from one of the sewing Patterns Bonnie had used in the creation of her work interacting with a * Social Distancing Pattern Pet.

Bonnie photographed her creations and digitally edits these images before having her original artwork printed onto perspex for exhibition.

The series currently has 31 individual works and Bonnie will be showing a large selection of her Social Distancing Pets at her upcoming show at The Wine Station in Blenheim, 2020.